Learn MLU

Getting started

Please note that the web-based version of MLU is currently in open BETA, which means that you can try the full version of MLU for free! Sign up to create your account and start modeling today.

To start using MLU we recommend the following steps:

  1. Sign up to get acces to the MLU portal
  2. Open the tutorial and walk through the example cases
  3. Read the extended documentation to learn about the solution technique of MLU


Modeling with MLU

Please note that the documentation was written for a previous version of MLU. Screenshots do not match the current version of MLU, but the calculations yield similar results. The documentation will be updated in the near future.

Training / courses

Interested in following an in-depth groundwater modeling course? CEMS periodically organises training with MLU. The courses are designed to be a masterclass with real-life examples provided by our colleagues at CRUX Engineering BV. The basics of installing and running MLU are covered in the tutorials and are not repeated during the course.

Please use the following link to register for a course, an instructor will provide you with the details and a schedule.

--> Contact us! <--


The following publications provide an in-depth look at the workings of MLU. Interested? We are willing to provide PDF versions of the publications.

[1] Hemker, C.J. (1985) A General Purpose microcomputer aquifer evaluation technique; Ground Water 23, pag 247- 253

[2] Hemker, C.J. (1985) Transient well flow in leaky multiple-aquifer systems; journal of Hydrology 81, pag 111 - 126

[3] Hemker, C.J. en C. Maas (1987) Unsteady flow to wells in layered and fissured aquifer systems; journal of Hydrology 90, pag 231-249

[4] Hemker, C.J. (1999) Transient well flow in vertically heterogeneous aquifers; journal of Hydrology 225, pag 1-18

[5] Hemker, C.J. (1999) Transient well flow in layered aquifer systems: the uniform well-face drawdown solution; journal of Hydrology, 225, pag 19-44.

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