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Technical support staff is available at Typical response time of our staff is 1-2 weekdays. When support is requested please provide the following information:

  • company name
  • e-mail address used to login to
  • detailed description of the modeling steps taken that lead to your result/question


Need expert help on your project? Our sister company CRUX Engineering BV has a team of experienced geohydrologists to help you out. For more information, please visit the CRUX website.


CEMS BV retains the ownership of the MLU software. The use of MLU takes place through the CEMS BV Nuclei portal under the following conditions:

Terms and conditions NLdigital
The NLdigital terms and Conditions, filed with the Dutch court Midden-Nederland, location Utrecht, apply to all offers, contracts and products supplied by CEMS BV. You hereby agree that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions NLdigital. The NLdigital terms and conditions can be downloaded by clicking the 'terms and conditions' link at the bottom of this page.

Version history

A complete changelog is available upon request. Below you will find the three recent versions.

1.2.0 September 2022 (Current version)

  • GeoJSON not updating- Map zoom displacing markers- Auto update fields in table lists- Drawdown contour definitions- Contour calculation- Parsing of previous mlu screened sublayers- Only show screened layers in plot- Display of all units


  • Add export GeoJSON button
  • Add all observation wells to plot
  • Live update when plot settings change
  • Load ground level from mlu files
  • Hide thickness when in a confining aquitard
  • Add name and date descriptions
  • Add coordinate systems options to initial setup
  • Allow defining coordinates as WGS-84 and cartesian
  • Add CRS & height to geojson
  • Add rd-new coordinate system
  • Add toggle to disable pumping wells
  • Use shapes for the plot legend
  • Add limited precision to display numbers

1.1.3 August 2022

  • Throw proper layer out of bounds error
  • Temporarily remove worker
  • Color selection in lists
  • Aquitard drawdown was inverted by it's reciprocal
  • Layers table view bug
  • Async loading
  • Units in optimize tab
  • Improve layer parsing of old .mlu files
  • Old file parsing bugs
  • Leaflet import


  • Show message when browser is not supported
  • Fallback to synchronous calculation when workers are not available
  • Center map on geolocation selection
  • Put advanced optimalization parameters in an advanced section
  • Add resistance and transmissivity fields to layers
  • Draw result on all maps


  • Run plot calculation in worker thread if possible
  • Run optimization in background thread if possible

1.1.0 July 2022

  • Input fields with a debounce
  • Use proper units for layer conductivities
  • Improve contour calculation performance
  • Allow 'reserved for future use' headers in parser


  • Add about screen with changelog
  • Plot chart X & Y values can both be log or linear
  • Show measurements as points on the plot chart
  • Run calculations in parallel worker thread
  • Map contours can be specified and customized with colors
  • Support newer .mlu version in parser


  • Reduce map calculation speed in half
  • Remove many allocations to improve map result speed
  • Reduce heap memory usage
  • More performance improvements
  • Create lookup table for Stehfest coefficients
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